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Los Angeles

West Hollywood invites style, creativity, expression and 24/7 entertainment. Besides the bold identity that WeHo has made for itself, it is warm and welcoming!

You’ll find local businesses blended with world class urban architecture, and of course, top-of-the-line shopping and restaurants. From WeHo, you can access any part of Los Angeles—walk the Sunset Strip, wander Melrose District, or explore the arts at LACMA!

Language: English

Currency: The US Dollar (USD)

Cards + Cash: Credit cards are accepted everywhere.

Climate: Temperatures in West Hollywood are generally mild year round. Spring, summer and fall are warm, dry, clear and bright, with the exception of some “May Gray” and “June Gloom” overcast days. 

Wet Season: Rain, if any, falls in winter and peaks in February.

Dry Season: Temperatures peak in the summer months (June-August) when temperatures can reach 90° F!



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